Wall 2

Wall 2 Watercolor 22

Since my last post (not counting the last “new” blog, now the old “new” blog), I began an 11-month residency at McColl Center for Visual Art. That was around late March, which means I am now diving into my fourth month there. With eight months to go, I am now entering the second act, or the middle game. Things are starting to turn and gain momentum, but for now I’m going to recap a few of the works I have made so far. It’s been a rough go, with lots of false starts and a growing stack of waste paper (at $10 a sheet). Here are a few of the highlights;

Both Wall 1 and Wall 2 were basically attempts to pick up the pieces from where I had left off with the Construction watercolors. Urban theme, facade composition with variations… But now I had gone back to old construction, the ones having stood the test of time, this time from behind where they have not received the constant make-over with each new owner. In the back outside of public scrutiny, the walls are canvases of their own history. Nothing cleaned or erased, just years of rust, graffiti, dirt, and paint layered into rich textures and forms. Focusing on textures along with the relationships of windows and other decorative elements. I thought it was a great idea, but it never quite took off.


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