Wall 4

Wall 4 Watercolor 12

The trick to these was to develop some sense of texture. Watercolor is mostly texture-free, unless you count the tooth of the paper. There are the old standard techniques of using wax resists and salts to create textures, but I didn’t use these much. I wanted to adhere to basic washes and brushstrokes, yet still create textural nuances.


My solution was to do running washes in the initial stages. Soaking the paper to a watery mess, I then propped them fully vertical. Using Cadmium colors and some sepia, I would brush on chunks of fresh paint along the top quadrant of the building area and let gravity pull the pigment down creating natural stridations on the paper. At this stage it looked pretty psychedelic. But heavy layers of transparent colors on top unified the bright underlayers and created an interestingly textural effect without being literal.