Abstract 2

Abstract 2 Watercolor 6" x 6"

Around the time I was working on the Wall pieces, I was asked by Art Preserve (a small gallery in NODA run by Paula and Jan, two ultra-cool women who, to my knowledge, do not read this blog so I can say that in all honesty without appearing to suck up) to submit works for an upcoming show of abstracts. I was a little off-put by this request at first because I’m not an abstract artist. But it ended up being a blessing. I had become rather entwined in my current subject matter and had begun to wholly focus my attentions on making it work, despite the fact that it wasn’t and I had no idea how to fix it.

When I get stuck, I have found that the thing to do is reboot; to walk away from what I’m working on and just start playing around with the medium, watch for things to happen, and slowly start rebuilding from the ground up. These 6″ x 6″ abstracts are the result of just that. In fact, it was this “rebooting” process I began my first blog with a couple years ago. So it was an appropriate and timely process to do. I ended up producing 18 of these little gals, nine of which made it to the frame and the wall. Six are on display at Art Preserve as of this writing, and three are hanging in the current hall display at McColl Center for Visual Art. By the time I had completed these, I did have a new lease on my “creative direction,” and was able to reconsider exactly what I was doing and where I wanted to take it.