Watercolor on Translucent Watercolor

Watercolor on Translucent Yupo 1

Watercolor on Translucent Yupo 1

This was the first attempt at letting go to the watercolor working it’s magic. There was a time, a recent time mind you, that I avoided the watercolor splatter with full will. It just wasn’t “graphic” enough for my tastes, and had a bit of a slapdash message about it. But I figured out that with the right boldness (after all, that is the trademark of the graphic quality), a splatter could be as graphic as any other mark. So it was in. I’ve been thankful for that realization since and have employed the technique in my work heavily for the last couple years.

So when I began looking at the process of letting the watercolors express themselves with a minimum of my influence, one of the first things I tried was utilizing the splatter exclusively in an image. After all, the splatter is a rather random technique that one can’t fully control anyway.

In this one, I laid down multiple layers of wet into wet dribbles. Let the colors fall where they will, and where they meet they will create their own identities when the colors co-mingle into new patterns, textures, and colors. I kinda’ sorta’ like what happened. I thought it needed something, and that something eventually evolved into the Circles paintings as below. But there’s still something to this that deserves a second look.

Here I just ran my hand across the page with the brush about 5 feet from the flat surface. No real thought other than left to right and occasionally right to left until there was enough water and paint to let it do what it was going to do. You can also see where I laid a couple spray can caps on the paper. Water will follow any line, so the caps gave the stuff a path to follow around in a circle, meeting other wet marks on the paper, mixing, then continuing it’s path around.