This is a piece I wrapped up last week, a little different from what I’ve been working on and not something I have plans to continue into a series. This was more of an exercise and I’m glad I did it.

I started with a large sheet of polyester, about 32-ish by 40-ish, and picking a spot began scribbling a tight knit line, switching colors as I went. It was meant to be a meditative process through repetition balanced with a need for slight spontaneous variation. The paper produced a measurable goal to work within, a defined space that would slowly get filled until covered. Initially I thought this would be cool to focus and complete in a sitting. It ended up taking four days.

The repetitive lines are broken up here and there with blotches of watercolor that actually dripped from my brush while positioning myself. I left them on there as artifacts of the process. They added a little variety to the surface.

It does not translate well to the screen because it is a fairly large piece, but here’s a detail including one of the accidental blotches.

Signature Detail