Mrs. Butterworth

16" x 10", Acrylic on Canvas, 2012

A friend pointed me toward the work of Peter Dreher, a German painter who painted the same glass every day since 1974. Not only was the concept identical, but so was his glass. Well, there went that. So I then began painting any object around the place I could take advantage of.

I am also starting to tentatively dip my toe in some limited palettes. Prior, I was mostly trying to work out values. Now I am putting color into the juggling act. Also note the continues Karin Davie stroke.

Salt Shaker and Egg #1

10" x 16", Acrylic on Canvas, 2012

I needed to get back to a specific object to work with over the course of several paintings, so I tried a still-life combo I had attempted before unsuccessfully. I really felt strongly about the single object still-life, and have decided I was right and plan to go back to it. But I did get some feedback about needing more than just the single object. What I liked about this set-up was the all-white subject, with glass and chrome. No true local color. Plus, I figured it wouldn’t kill me to practice painting the egg again.

Salt Shaker and Egg #4

10" x 16", Acrylic on Canvas, 2012

Now I began trying some tools other than the paintbrush. I think at first I did this to spread an under-layer faster, but liked the effect and started painting with it. It also allowed me to spread a couple colors simultaneously. The best part was it’s ability to create texture. Along with it’s inability to get specific, it was great to texturally create an impression.

Salt Shaker and Egg #5

10" x 16", Acrylic on Canvas, 2012

I had read Johanne Itten and was trying to smartly utilize color. One point from his text is the issue of color and value, and the difficult balance it takes of the two. I had been trying to work with that, still am, in controlling both equally. Here, though, I was also considering some of his thoughts on simultaneous contrast. A sharp color under-layer, a limited palette layer on top, the color interaction between the two. Not even getting into the texture component.