A Change of Scenery

I was privileged to be offered the painting studio at CPCC Levine campus for a year to work and produce some paintings. The work area has a glass wall looking out to the atrium, so I’m kind of a zoo animal on display. I may be alone on this, but it seemed like a good idea to me. For one, let’s be honest here, I won’t be goofing off (a real danger when you’re isolated from responsibility). The bigger reason, though, is to just let them see it happen, one step at a time. When I talk about art, I tend to want to de-mystify it and project it in its simplest terms. “It’s no big deal” seems to be the mantra engraved on my pulpit as an art teacher. So, to put my money where my mouth is, I humbly accepted the opportunity. There’s nothing mystical about this. I’ll show you. It’s no big deal.

Oh, and my name is emblazoned on the window so everyone knows who to blame or credit. Pretty damn cool.

I then thought this might be the time to dust off this old blog and keep a running tally (again, publicly) of my progress. Let’s see what happens.

I have to show some appreciation to the folks here who offered me this opportunity: Catalina Ramirez, Dr. Edith Valladares McElroy, and Cassandra Richardson. Thank you!